I am an artist who enjoys learning new skills, exploring, and collecting things. I am interested in developing a practice that is broad and multifaceted; my interests range from painting to photography to architecture and urban planning, and I enjoy exploring all of these fields and their interconnections. I have worked as a historian's assistant, artist's assistant, landscape designer, animator, and freelance artist.

I do custom paintings, specifically I paint architectural watercolors. I have an etsy shop where I sell original works and prints of works. If you're interested in having a painting done please contact me and let's talk!

In 2013-2014 I worked with my sister, artist Sarah Paulsen, on the documentary film Elegy to Connie. Later in 2014 we worked together again on Black Friday, Black Heroes. I also assisted Emily Hemeyer (S.P.O.R.E. projects) on the art installations Primordial Reliquary to Spaceship Earth (t/f film festival 2014), and Serpentine Sculpture (t/f film festival 2015).

I regularly post photos on my blog and instagram. I've also collected some of my favorite photos into galleries which you can browse through on the left.

williamcpaulsen at gmail.com
blog: william-paulsen.tumblr.com
instagram: @williampaulsen
twitter: @william_paulsen